Can Veterans Receive Benefits for Assisted Living?

It is possible for veterans to receive benefits to help pay for nursing home care, depending on their income and the level of their service-related disability. The program, called Help and Assistance, is sometimes referred to as “VA assisted living benefit” or “elder care benefit for veterans.” This benefit can be used to pay for home care, an assisted living community, or a privately paid nursing home. Veterans who need help with activities of daily living (ADLs), such as bathing, dressing, or preparing food, are eligible for the program. Assisted living centers are places where veterans can live in a rented room or apartment and have access to shared living spaces, such as a dining room.

The money from this benefit can be used to pay for some of the services they provide.You can visit the State Department of Veterans Affairs website to view state-specific assisted housing benefits for veterans through the National Resource Directory. Depending on your health status and disabilities, you may be eligible for a range of assisted living benefits for veterans. Therefore, additional income from Aid and Attendance may be available to eligible seniors who live in an independent living community but who need help with ADLs.Home care providers and, to a lesser extent, assisted living communities, sometimes offer discounted services to those who have served in the country. Thousands of families receive assisted living benefits for veterans thanks to this pension program to help pay for quality care that they would not otherwise be able to afford.Adult foster homes, also called adult family homes, can be thought of as small assisted living communities.

While the A%26A benefit doesn't cover the full cost of an assisted living facility, it can help pay for some of the services they provide. Some assisted living communities will bill veterans for care services separately from room and board costs.Understanding how veterans can afford assisted living and the care services they receive there is a bit complicated. It is important to research all available options and speak with a VA representative to determine if you are eligible for any benefits.