Exploring Assisted Living Facilities: What Services Do They Offer?

Nursing homes provide 24-hour supervised nursing care, personal care, therapy, nutrition management, organized activities, social services, housing, food and assisted living centers that provide care for residents funded by the state (Medicaid) offer one or more of the following service packages. These service packages help you understand what options or services an assisted living center offers. Some facilities only have room and cleaning services, but many also offer medical and personal care services. Many centers offer special programs for people with Alzheimer's disease and other types of dementia.

When evaluating whether an assisted living center or memory care center is right for your loved one with memory problems, it's important to be sure to talk openly and honestly with the center to ensure that your loved one gets the best care. Yes, if a person does not meet the criteria for assisted living, the center has the right to deny admission, especially if it is the level of care that the center can provide. Most assisted living facilities are not insured, patients can come and go as they please, so a person prone to wandering could quickly leave the property. The population is aging more and more, and the need for in-home care (both medical and non-medical) and assisted living continues to increase.

Janet expressed her concerns to her father and they agreed that maybe it was time to visit an assisted living facility to see if it would better suit John's needs. First of all, assisted living offers a maintenance-free lifestyle with enough time to spend on the things you love. Because Charlotte can manage her diabetes and can still live independently with very little help, Charlotte can move to an assisted living facility and meet her requirements. In many states, in order to live in an assisted living facility, you or your loved one must need help doing at least two of what are known as “activities of daily living.” Assisted living centers that serve Medicaid clients are contracted by the state of Washington to offer three levels of service packages.

Admission eligibility for assisted living is based on the individual care requirements of the prospective resident. Paying for assisted living may seem overwhelming at first, but there are several ways to finance the cost of assisted living. To explore an assisted living facility as an option, find out what types of services and supports are available at each of the different centers that interest you. Assisted living offers the same services as home health care, but in a community setting outside of one's own home.

Take time to consider what services are important to you before visiting assisted living communities.