What is the Average Cost of an Assisted Living Facility Near Me?

Assisted living facilities (ALFs) are a great option for seniors who need help with their daily tasks or anticipate needing it in the near future, but don't require consistent, high-level medical care. In most cases, long-term care insurance companies will only cover assisted living services if the beneficiary needs assistance with at least two activities of daily living (ADLs). The cost of assisted living can vary significantly depending on the size of the facility, the services offered, and the amount of care needed. The Managed Long Term Care Program (MLTC) helps residents with care services such as personal care assistance and cleaning in their home or at an assisted living facility.

Although the cost of assisted living can be intimidating, there are several ways to reduce this financial burden. Couples who are mostly self-sufficient but need a little help may benefit from assisted living centers that offer two-bedroom apartments, which can reduce costs by 10 to 20 percent or more per month. Assisted living communities typically provide three meals a day, laundry and cleaning services, scheduled activities and outings, apartment-style housing options, assistance with ADLs, and wellness programs. If your loved one has limited savings or other financial assets and their income is low, they may qualify for Medicaid which can help pay for assisted living.

Residents of an assisted living community don't need the medical care that a nursing home provides but may need help from time to time. Moving a loved one to an assisted living or other elderly care community can be stressful as it often involves leaving a residence they called home for many years. When researching assisted living facilities that accept Medicaid, you may encounter some obstacles along the way. However, there is a general range of fees you can expect from assisted living communities.

The cost of assisted living can be affected by factors such as the level of care and amenities offered, room size, and zip code. To make the most of your money when choosing an assisted living facility, it's important to understand these factors.