What is the Average Monthly Cost of Assisted Living in North Carolina?

Seniors who choose assisted living in North Carolina will be able to enjoy the stunning scenery of the Appalachian Mountains, 175 miles of beaches on the Outer Banks, and the vast plains of the Piedmont region. If you need services that are best found in an assisted living community, selling your home to pay for assisted living is a possible solution. It is important to keep all documentation and receipts for related expenses, as you must itemize your taxes to claim this deduction and there may be limits depending on your income. Assisted living communities in North Carolina provide housing for groups of older people with several services including cleaning, personal care and supervision, one or more meals a day.

Price is likely to be an important consideration when researching assisted living communities for you or a loved one. Just remember that these policies generally have to be purchased long before you need them, so it might not be easy to get a new policy if you're thinking of moving to an assisted living facility soon. Other factors that influence the costs of assisted living include the size of your home, the type of housing services for the elderly, and the level of care required. North Carolina operates the State-County Special Assistance Program to help low-income families pay the cost of assisted living facilities.

Last week, I toured Raleigh and Cary and visited the assisted living options that would best suit my client's needs and budgetary restrictions over time. Older people are often faced with the decision to stay in their own homes or move to an assisted living facility. Some Medicare Advantage insurance plans and most long-term care insurance plans cover the costs of assisted living, but they vary a lot from plan to plan. Having to move to a nursing home or other type of assisted living facility can cost more than they can afford.

Assisted living in North Carolina is regulated by the Department of Health and Human Services through the Division of Health Services Regulation. It might surprise you to learn that the total cost of assisted living in the United States is lower than that of living at home with in-home care. The Assisted Living Center offers you two options for finding the right assisted living housing in North Carolina near your city.